Legacy Locker – Web App To Handle Your Online Assets After Your Death

Legacy Locker is the web app I am writing about in this post. Though it is not a latest or recently launched app but I just read about it and found it good enough to share with my readers.

legacy locker

Have you ever thought what will happen to your online assets and credentials after your death?

Legacy Locker – Web App to Keep Your Online Assets Safe

Legacy Locker is an online locker or say a safe repository for your important digital credentials online. This web app of online locker allows you to grant access to your online assets to your loved ones after your death or in case of any physical or mental disability. This is somewhat like a life insurance for your online assets and credentials.

If explained in simple words Legacy Locker stores your passwords of your important online accounts and passes that information to your loved ones after you die. You can designate the people you want to get that information.

Honestly, I don’t have any big empire online neither do I own any valuable online assets except a few domains, to use this web app but I must say this is a wonderful app for people running huge online businesses.

This online locker facility plays a great role in handing your online financial accounts, emails accounts, online banking accounts etc. It is also the best web app to keep your social contacts intact and to be passed to your loved ones after you die.

The basic idea of this locker online is to give your nominee the access to your photos, blogs, email accounts, social networking account and all other online login details after your death. So if you are worried about what will happen to your online accounts after your death, I guess you should sign up with this app Legacy locker.

Legacy locker is an absolutely safe web app to store your online credentials. It will get unlock only when two people whom you have designated will confirm your death and also submit your death certificate there.

The unlock system in Legacy locker is not completely automated and is handled by the company staff for authorizations. The lockers can’t be operated without complete authorization and so it is absolutely safe and sound.

The system of Legacy locker keep a regular check on your accounts by logging in there and send you an alert if your password is changed. It means when you change any of your passwords, you will get an alert from Legacy locker to update the information there.

It is more-or-less like creating an online will. After setting up an account on Legacy locker you can send the letters to the people you are designating for your lockers online.

I must mention here that this web app of online security locker is not free but the services provided are worth its fee.

You can get a yearly subscription for $29.99 and get a lifetime subscription by paying $299.99.

I am sure you guys don’t share your online passwords with your spouse so better get your own Legacy locker accounts here and get your online assets insured.

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