Different Types of Link Building and why it’s important in modern SEO

Reading post title you probably know, this post is about basics of link building


…what is link building?

In a simple term link building defined as a procedure of getting links from external pages to your website or web page. This is one of the best seo tactics used in modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Link building is not easy as it used to be back in 2009. It is a time intense process and not all links (both internal and external) are created equal. Like form high authority site like MOZ.com having higher weight and greater impact on SERPS than a link from a brand new or low authority websites.

link building

Types of Links

There are mainly 4 types of link

Social Links: in a technical terms it’s not a real link, but social shares on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter could influence search ranking. Social links are easy way to drive more traffic to your website.

Organic Links: are those you get naturally from your great content, posts or guides. The simple mantra for organic links “write great content organic links comes for free”

Outreach Links: Outreach is an activity to ask webmaster, bloggers or publishers to link to their web page. This mainly involves offer something valuable to their readers. It’s kind of given and taken

Owned Links: are manually created links through blog comment, forum comment or online profiles.

Why Link Building is important?

It is a major factor google use to rank web pages.

Back in 2009 google rank websites based on number of backlinks. More the backlinks higher the SERP. Backlinks are kinds of votes. More numbers of votes to your website better ranking on google

You might have question: why not create thousands of backlinks?

Well those days are gone…

…not all links are treated equally now.

For example: A site selling “bubble tea” and want to rank higher on search engines with keyword bubble tea but all links comes from website that talk about “video games” Google will not give credit for those links.


…if you link to articles or pages that talk about bubble tea that point back to your site selling bubble tea, will get more trust from google

There are no shortcuts in a successful link building. If link building done properly you will not expect the result overnight. Patience and persistence are two main factors for successful link building campaign. Building link alone with not help your site to rank higher in search engines.

Check out these more advance link building guide:


With some hard work you too can build solid backlinks to your site and rank high on search engines. If you have any question or concern please leave a comment below.

What link building tactics do you use to rank high on search engines?



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    I do niche blogging and as you said in your article patience so I’d like to tell you there is no space of patience word in niche blogging because we need instant ranking and one more thing I’d like to share with all that is if you want to rank any single keyword like “Bubble tea” so you should use Web 2.0 links. By the way there are so many tactics i use to rank my niche blogs and can’t explain in single comment.

    Thank you
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