Microsoft to shut down CodePlex

After being used for good 11 years, CodePlex, Microsoft’s open-source project hosting website will be closed down later this year. As of now, Microsoft has closed the ability of creating new projects on CoddePlex. It will be a read-only platform in October and will be permanently shut down on December 15, 2017. The Company will be taking a complete backup before shutting down the site and withdrawing the servers.

Microsoft announced the official closure via their blogpost. Launched in the year 2006, CodePlex was one of the very prominently used open-course software sharing platform. Decreasing number of users and some spam epidemic are the reasons given by the company for this closure. Over the time there are many new such platforms have popped and moreover many of CodePlex projects are migrated to the new ones.

Talking about the closure Microsoft said, “Over the past few years, we’ve watched many CodePlex projects migrate.  During the same period, we’ve had to address several issues, including a spam epidemic over several months in 2015, as spammers sought to take advantage of the domain to boost their illicit activities.  We’ve also seen a substantial decrease in usage: as of this writing, less than 350 projects saw a source code commit in the last 30 days”.

While the ability to create new projects is closed on CodePlex now, users can still download the archieve files of their existing projects in JSON and Markdown formats. Users can also browse through the published projects while the site is its read-only mode.

Microsoft suggests users to migrate or download your data before the site shuts down completely. The Company has partnered with GitHub providing you a simplified import experience. The team is also working on a new migration tool which will be made available soon. Furthermore, Microsoft has also added a new option where users can set an “I’ve Moved” banner to their projects redirecting the users to the correct page. Head over to the official blogpost to learn more about it.

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