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Qasim Alhammad

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On April 18, 2014
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MsocialH is a network, released in September, 2012 and is used by bloggers and webmasters to make a strong Social Media network with other people and to make their online businesses rock!!!

Every blogger (including me) asks for as much sources as he could get to grab traffic to a blog as it is the basic and major thing in blogging. Traffic can be said as the heart of blogging and without it, blogging is incomplete, which I hope you all know already! Social Media is the 2nd biggest source of grabbing traffic (after search engines) and in this case, one require a very strong and effective social media exchange platform. Today, in FWA Review series, I am featuring MSocialH, a brand new social media exchange platform founded by Qasim Alhammad. Hope you all will find this review interesting and join this free social media platform to increase your social media traffic.
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MSocialH, What is it?

MsocialH is a network, released in September, 2012 and is used by bloggers and webmasters to make a strong Social Media network with other people and to make their online businesses rock!!!

The ‘funda’ of this platform is very simple. This comes with a coin system and you are rewarded coins when you follow Fan pages, Websites and blog posts. You can use your coins to increase your posts and pages likes by making other people follow them.  Every member can decide the number of coins to be deducted when people follow the Social Media Channels. So this is how Social Media Exchanging takes place at MSocialH.

The main basic for the foundation of MSocialH was, to help bloggers to improve their online brand’s awareness on all the forms of Social Networks and it would not be wrong to call MSocialH as the ‘all-in-one’ JustRetweet as both of them are having the same system. You get points when you share other people’s posts and your points gets deducted when other people share your post.

Why one should go with MSocialH?

There are plenty of websites which we can see that are made of Social Media Exchanging but they are hated by almost every blogger as they are very hectic (my true experiences with such websites). Many people people make fake accounts on such websites and add very cheap & low quality pages which nobody would like to share on their social profiles. Mates, in this case, MSocialH is absolutely different from all the other platforms. It guarantees only for authenticated and actual accounts and have no space for fake people. This is the main function of MSocialH. It does not give account approval to fake people and if he gives it, that account is immediately deleted by the team. This is too the main reason why almost every blogger is today active at MSocialH and I my main aim of writing MSocialH Review was just to let all the guys know about its awesome features.

How will MSocailH help you to reach your online goals?

Your MSocialH acc page

Just look at the picture above. Whoa!!! You are gonna see this part of Window when you will open and this picture smartly denotes that it allows you to do social media promotion exchange and the more the exchange, the more your blog/business will grow online!!!

You can exchange

  1. Facebook, Google+ , Linkedin shares
  2. Improve MySpace Connections
  3. Reverbnation Fans
  4. Increase Twitter,, Stumbleupon, Pinterest Followers
  5. Traffic Exchange
  6. Youtube favorites, Likes, Views and Subscribers.
  7. Instagram Image Likes
  8. Facebook Fanpage, Website or blog post likes, facebook fanpage photo likes, facebook shares, facebook subscribers, folowers…etc.
  9. Targeted System : Our System allow you to set your targeted followers or shares, you can select the Gender or the location of the people you want them to follow you or share your content. ( You can setup up to 15 Countries for each page).
  10. Click Limits system: Assign maximum amount of clicks for your page on daily basis and total limit for the page.

How to join MSocialH?

MSocialH is an absolutely free Social Media Exchange platform and a free tool, with so many awesome features should surely get a chance. The whole of the FWA team strongly recommends you to Jojn MSocialH to increase your blog’s social media traffic and presence today. Click on the link below to join MSocialH

Join MSocialH now!!!

Plans and Pricing of MSocialH

MSocialH is having two membership plans, the free one and the VIP one. You don’t have to spend any money if yo are choosing the free plan but, in order to become a VIP member of MSocialH, you have to spend some money but the money system itself dignifies that the ‘VIP Plan’ is better than the free one. Check out the picture below to know the other differences and the pros and cons of both the plans

social media exchange platform MSocialH Review : My Secret Weapon to Boost Social Signals Overnight

All the people, which want the VIP account but don’t have money to spend, MSocialH has came up with a great offer!!! Once you will collect 500 coins in your free account, you can spend all of them and get a VIP account for one day!!!

Get VIP Membership plan of MSocialH for free!!!

I hope that you all liked my review and looking forward to try this free Social Media exchange platformDo leave your thoughtful comments or queries regarding the review in the commentbox below.

MsocialH is a network, released in September, 2012 and is used by bloggers and webmasters to make a strong Social Media network with other people and to make their online businesses rock!!!


  1. says

    Hi Divyansh,

    Thank you so much for the great review, I am glad that you liked our platform and our free service. And I hope that it could help you expand your social media followers and social traffic too.

  2. says

    I have seen quite a lot of blog post written about MSocialH but never headed there yet. Well today I’m going to visit it and see what the fuss is all about. Hopefully it is as good as you say it is.

    • says

      Yeah Fauzal, it is worth a try nd I am suggesting you to try this just because it can help you to grow your online blog or brand to a great extent in a very short span of time!!!

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