PhoXo Photo Editing Freeware : Best Alternative To Photoshop

A few days back, while looking for some good alternatives to Adobe Photoshop I came across Phoxo. PhoXo is a photo editing freeware for Windows which allows you to make some changes in your image files. Phoxo photo editing program supports several image file types including all major formats like GIF, PNG, BMP, and JPG.

After using this photo editing software for a few days, I am bound to share the review with my readers here as I found it awesome.

Yeah! That’s the word! Phoxo worked great for me.

Although, there are many different free photo editing programs available on the web, but I found it the best alternative for Adobe Photoshop.

PhoXo has a very simple user interface to navigate through. You can easily drag and drop the images to the program and modify them according to your need.

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Features of PhoXo

PhoXo comes with some basic photo editing features like adjustment of brightness and contrast. It also includes other basic photo editing tools like paint brush, color picker, adding text, pen, clone, eraser, fill color and much more. The best part I like about PhoXo is that it can remove the blur from your picture, may it be a motion blur, zoom blur or a radial blur.

Some other standard amenities of PhoXo photo editing program includes-

  • Zoom in and out
  • Red eye removal
  • Frames, Clip arts and effects
  • Flip and rotate pictures with a single click
  • Adding effects and shadows in the pictures.

In addition to these entire basic photo editing features, there are options to add different interesting clip arts, frames and effects which include color effects, light effects, art effects and distort effects.Check the PhoXo screenshots below and you will understand it better.

PhoXo Screenshots

PhoXo photo editor

Different effects you can add with PhoXo
PhoXo adds sunlight effect
PhoXo made a peacock dancing in sunlight
PhoXo adds an illusion effect in the picture
Illusion effect in the picture with PhoXo

44 different frames are available with different thickness that you can add to your images. The frames also include a 3D
frame which perks up the look of the image brilliantly. Using
PhoXo, you can make your pictures look more crisp and sharp. Adjusting the colors and sharpness will make your pictures look more vibrant. It also has Undo and Redo buttons to revert the changes you made to the image.

In a nutshell, PhoXo has numerous wonderful features which are actually more than enough to make it one of my favorite photo editing software.

I downloaded PhoXo from here and it worked brilliantly for my Windows 8 PC. I didn’t experience any freeze, pop up or crash error in last few days. If you are looking for an alternative to adobe photoshop, I would highly recommend PhoXo.

Try it and let me know how it worked for you.



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    Thanks for the share Shiwangi,

    I use Photoshop a lot but should see how well PhoXo will serve as an alternative. Thanks for the share Shiwangi…

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