Wanna spread your voice? Here are some online tools for better podcasting!!!

Podcast Creating softwares. Podcasting!!! Sounds so interesting, right? Well, being an avid blogger, I just can’t underestimate this thing. This single thing can help one to almost double its blog traffic. This thing can help an online marketer to earn huge bucks!!! However, making a podcast is not such an easy task. Since I am not a podcaster, I can’t share a post namely techniques for better podcasting but since I am planning to start the FWA Podcast Section, I am nowadays looking at many tools to generate podcasts.

Today I am presenting a list of the top 3 tools for podcasts that can help you in creating a podcast easily and make your podcasts gallery a hit!! The tools we generally use for recording and creating podcasts are called Podcasting tools. So shall we begin with the podcasting tools?


Top 3 Podcasts creating Software

#1. Podbean

According to me, Podbean is undoubtedly the best Podcast recording software. It is an easyby which you can start your podcasting career easily. The best thing about Podbean is that it helps in creating podcasts in seconds without any programming information. Also, it is a public software which means that anybody is allowed to upload, publish and manage his/her podcasts with its clean interface.

Also, promotion of various types of podcasts has been made easy with this tool. Not only online marketers, but it is also very useful for educators as they can post their audio lessons to provide their students, digital knowledge. Also, you can use Podbean to sell the podcast you are creating to your listeners (as I’ve told you earlier).

#2. Xsplit

Xsplit, also known as Xsplit Broadcaster is again a podcast creating software. It also helps as a video-mixing app by which you edit your videos easily. Rather than Podcasts, it is widely used for streaming games and is considered one of the more popular livestreaming applications today.

All I wanna say about this app in the end is that if you don’t have XSplit yet, your podcasting life will become incomplete. Another mind boggling feature i felt about Xsplit was that it helps in recording directly a HD version to your hard drive!

#3. Audacity

Audacity is again an open source, cross-platform software which is mostly used to edit voices and sounds in audios (as the name itself says :P). Not one, not two, but it supports Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac, GNU/LINUX and many others!!

Though, this podcast software can only help in editing and capturing voices and sounds. Audacity contains no publishing options which is the reason it is listed on the 3rd position. Therefore, when you are finished making each podcast episode you must manually upload it through another service. Podcast Creating softwares.


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