Pros and Cons of oDesk & Elance Merging

ODesk and elance merging. In the year 2013, we have seen a growing trend that seems to affect every one of us. Now, we see that the trend is affecting freelancers and employers as well. With eating up the competition by purchasing small-time freelance-employer platforms, oDesk and Elance feel the need to make changes in their strategy as well. In December 2013, oDesk and Elance made an announcement that these two companies will merge by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

The announcement created a big issue among freelancers and employers of both platforms. Positive and negative reactions fly around in forums and social media.

odesk and elance

Is the merger really good news or bad news? In this post, I would like to answer this question by presenting you the pros and cons of the merger.


  • Getting the best out of the two – the age-long argument of which-is-the-better-platform may finally be solved with the merger. Through the combination, you can acquire the advantages of the two platforms simultaneously.
  • Increased technology investment – the merger is said to enable greater investment on technology that will improve successful hiring and online collaboration. Because of this technological improvement, freelancers and employers alike will have better chance of meeting each other’s needs and preference.
  • Increased number of jobs available – over the past years, freelancers and employers will have to use the two platforms independently to make sure they “cover all the bases”. This is no longer needed with the new merger. An employer can find a freelancer from Elance and oDesk at the same time, which is also true with the freelancer.


  • Getting the worst out of the two – now, you might think this is a contradiction to my first statement. However, it is also true that oDesk and Elance has its own weaknesses. This means that merging the two platforms will lead you to suffer the bad aspects of each platform.
  • Fear of the unknown – as of now, there is really no enough information about the specific changes that will happen. While oDesk announced that each platform will still work independently and it will not affect the record and status of employers or freelancers, this does not make sense at all because what’s the use of merging if it will not affect how we work? Thus, there is a fear of the unknown in employers and freelancers that something may negatively affect them in the near future after the merger is put into full swing.
  • Changes in fees – when asked whether the merger will change fees or membership structure, oDesk simply answered, “None are planned”. This answer is pretty clear indication that there is a potential risk that fees will surely change. ODesk and elance merging.


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    Just like any other merger and acquisition principles, we should expect better service with this merger.

    Odesk and Elance are key player in the online freelance market. Merging the two platforms should be welcomed with greater expectations.

    However, there is no doubt that new problems and challenges would arise with the move, but in most cases, it is expected that these would have been put into considerations before the merger.

    Its good highlighting the pros and cons of this merger as it would help users make better decision.

    However, I still see bigger and better services in the merger than before! Why is this? Simply, because the two platforms would still want to maintain their credibility in the merger 😀

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    Interesting, well in my experience, joining oDesk is very tricky and time consuming for me, the updating, apllying jobs, sending your letters and etc. You get hired by an intriguing freelancer and get a job that is very different from their job posting.

    I guess I have to be honest, they need to improve it and be strict! That happened to me several times last year.

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