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On June 15, 2016
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Best place to listen and download free songs. No pop up ads at all. Available as Chrome Extension and Android App too.

If you are a music lover and looking for some way to download free songs without pop up ads, ProstoPleer is the place. While google search result for download free English songs took me to the websites full of pop up ads and clingy layouts. Thankfully I landed to a discussion on Quora about the best place to download free songs without the annoying ads. Prosto Pleer

ProstoPleer is a wonderful website to play and download free songs from. You do not need to register on the website to download the songs. Its clean and simple website with a very simple layout and a good collection of songs, may it be an English dance number, Bollywood song or a gazal from Jagjit Singh. I got everything here. Although, there is a minor glitch that it is a Russian website and some of the headings are written in Russian language.prostopleer extension

Pleer searches for your query by Title, By Lyrics and according to the playlist. You can use any of the ways best suitable to you. Just type the lyrics, the title of a song or playlist and Pleer will search it for you.

Unlike the other music download websites, Pleer gives you the correct download link with just two clicks. Search for a song and click on the Down Arrow, it will take you to the Download page straightaway. Click on Download and your song lands on your PC in no time. I downloaded around 25 songs today with various genre including some English dance numbers, some old Hindi Bollywood songs and some gazals and I am so glad to share that there was no single pop up ad at all.

Another feature of Pleer which fascinated me was the interlinked suggestions. Based on my searches, the website was suggesting the song titles and artists. Pleer is also available as an app and a Google Chrome extension.

ProstoPleer Chrome Extensionprostopleer

The extension lets you search for a song, create a playlist, listen to your playlist as well as Radio. So basically, it is a one stop solution for all your music queries and needs. Furthermore, it allows you to upload your own music files too. You can upload mp3 files up to 20 Mb of size.

Download the ProstoPleer Chrome Extension.

There is also an Android application of Prosto Pleer for the Android users.

Well, I have already downloaded the chrome extension of this wonderful free songs download website and if you are music fan, get it right now and forget about the annoying pop up ads.

Best place to listen and download free songs. No pop up ads at all. Available as Chrome Extension and Android App too.

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