ORKUT is gonna Finish!!! Here’s how you can recover your Orkut Data

Recover orkut data. Finally, the chapter of #Orkut is gonna end soon. According to the latest reports, Google has decided to shut down its own Social Network, Orkut on 30th September. As far as I know, Orkut was once the biggest social network but with other rising social networks, Orkut has already lost its popularity and user-ship long back. The social media website is now going to end officially.

The service will officially go offline on 30th September, 2014. As I can see, nowadays on Facebook and twitter, we can see that this news has gone viral on Social Media but I am not here to state the obvious, because today, @FindWebApp.com, after giving a long gap to my how-to series, today I am presenting an interesting and informative guide on how to export and recover Orkut Data before the website and your Valuable data (I don’t know if any of you have :P) get offline.

How to Recover Orkut Data

Like all the How-to guides I present at FWA, this one is also not a difficult one. It is extremely simple to follow this guide and reach to success (I mean to the recovery page). To recover Orkut data , all you have to do is to follow all the steps written below:

  1. To recover Orkut Data, you need to navigate to Google Takeout which is the official Google service through which one can easily export and get a database of all of this data from the Google Products/services.
  2. Simply select the ‘Choose Services’ option from the menu and from there, select the ‘Orkut’ service.
  3. Select ‘Create Archive’ option. Once you’ll select it, within no time you’ll be notified through email regarding its further process.
  4. Click on Download button and within fraction of seconds it’ll download a .ZIP file concluding with all of your Orkut data with files in HTML format and pics in JPG/JPEG.
  5. Also, once you get this data, you can import it to any other Social Network.

recover orkut data

What all you can do until Orkut Is Up?

  1. Have a tough scrap competition with your friends and rest of your ORKUTers (a word I made just now and added to my dictionary :P) which will tell who has the highest scraps.
  2. You can use your account to perform various functions.
  3. Play Online games, give good/bad (or some ugly :P) testimonials to your friends, which used to result it open-mouthed smile.

So if by any chance you are/were an Orkut user, recover orkut data before the site winds up. Do hit the like button and share it on your Facebook timeline if this post helped you.

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