Remove background of a picture with the help of MS-Office

I am a very old user of Windows 8 and Microsoft 2010 and just a few days ago, I got to know this new feature of removing the background of a picture. This feature works on MS-Word, MS-Excel and PowerPoint. Today, I am going to give you the tutorial to remove the picture background in MS-Word.

How to remove the picture’s background on MS-Word

  • Firstly you have to paste the picture in MS Word
  • Click on the ‘Format Painter’ and then click the picture.


  •  The you will see the ‘Format tab’ under the ‘Picture Tools’

remove background

  • Then click on the ‘Remove Background’ tab and the picture will get marquee lines on the picture. Select the area which you want to keep.
  • See the example of the picture below.


  • Once you are done, click on ‘Keep the Changes’. To discard all the changes, click ‘Discard all changes’.
  • See how easily you can remove the background of any picture by using MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.



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