Share Your Instagram Story Directly To Facebook

After the recent update, Instagram now allows you to share your Instagram story directly to your Facebook Story. Instagram and Facebook keeps on bringing new updates for users and the latest update is all about the Instagram and Facebook story.

Share Instagram Story On Facebook

Instagram stories are one of the most popular features of Instagram and in fact gives you a better engagement than the Instagram posts. All of us know that the Instagram stories or even the Snapchat and Facebook stories for that matter stay for 24 hours and then get deleted automatically.

This is the reason why users are keener on putting up the stories than the post. The social media influencers of the regular users who are very much active on social media channels, had to upload the stories on Instagram and Facebook separately but now with the latest update, you can share your Instagram story directly as your Facebook story with a single click.

You don’t need to download any plugin or app for that. Just upload an Instagram story as you do it normally and then click on the Facebook icon and it will be shared as your Facebook story instantly.

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