Single Line ASCII Art : Make Pictures From ASCII Art Texts

Single Line ASCII Art is something which can make your text message more impressive as well as expressive at the same time. Well, it is not easy to remember too many of ASCII Art text messages and thus here is my second post on the Single Line ASCII Art texts.

You can use these Single Line ASCII art texts to buffer your tweets or to make some funny facebook status updates.

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These Single Line ASCII or say ASCII Art one liners are best useful for the Twiter updates as it has a limit of 140 characters. Although Twitter is considered as one of the best micro blogging and social networking platform, but I never liked it limit of 140 characters. It is actually so difficult to express your feeling in just 140 characters. This is where these single line ASCII  Art text comes into use.

Check out my second list of Single Line ASCII Art text and you can easily copy them from here and paste wherever you want to.

Single Line ASCII Art

  • ASCII Art Pie Fight –>—=======[}
  • ASCII Art Rose Rose –> @)}—^—–
  • ASCII Art Concerned –>(@_@)
  • ASCII Art Sleeping–> (-.-)Zzz…
  • ASCII Art in love –> <*_*>
  • ASCII Art Very Happy–>[^_^]
  • ASCII Art Robot –> d[ o_0 ]b
  • ASCII Art kitty cat –>  =^..^=
  • ASCII Art sweet puppy –>ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
  • ASCII Art Worm –> _/\__/\__0>  
  • ASCII Art small worm –> _/\o>
  • Single Line ASCII Art double middle finger –> ╭∩╮(Ο_Ο)╭∩╮
  • ASCII Art rat –>  <^__)~
  • ASCII Art mouse –><:3 )~~~~
  • ASCII Art Looking at you–> ô¿ô
  • ASCII Art I don’t care –> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • ASCII Art baby –> [{-_-}]
  • ASCII Art scorpion –> Scorpion c—I-I-I-I{
  • ASCII Art very happy –> (“”ł(^.^)ł””)
  • Single Line ASCII Art hug –>(>n_n)><(n_n<)
  • Single line ASCII Art Weird –> 0_o
  • ASCII Art Coffee Mug –> c(“)
  • ASCII Art Waving –>(^_^)’/
  • Single Line ASCII Art  confused –> <(o.O)>
  • ASCII Art text surprised –><(‘.’)>
  • ASCII Art listening to music –> d-_-b

These are some of the text messages which we often use in our chat messages, Facebook status updates or Twitter updates. You can copy these Single Line ASCII Art text messages from her and decorate your facebook status or buffer your tweets.

Do let me know if you have some more of ASCII Art single line collection. Your suggestions are valuable to me.


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