SMO Case Study : How I Improved my blog’s Search Engine rankings with Social Networks [2000 words]

Social Media! Hmm!!! Is on one hand one of the biggest sources of attracting traffic to a blog and on the other hand a portal, a platform through which one can be in touch with its relatives, friends and other family members. Since I am a tech blogger and posts SEO and ‘Online-Marketing’ related articles on my blog, I will not talk here about friendships and relationships through Social Networks but today, I am presenting a comprehensive guide to Social Media Optimization just for the newbies as well as the probloggers out there in the blogosphere struggling for traffic and for the perfect SEO of their blogs.

Now, for Social Media Optimization, we need Social Networking websites, so which social networking websites should one choose? Isn’t it one of the questions raising in your minds. Well guys, I suggest you to go for these 4 websites to grow your blog’s search engine results and these websites are:

Today, in this guide, I am only going to discuss how you can use these 4 websites to improve your blog’s Search Engines results and get traffic to your blog. Before starting with Social Media Optimization, we should know the appropriate meaning of SMO.


What is Social Media Optimization?

I am not going to explain this term in a very precise manner as I have discussed almost everything about it in the previous paras but still, here I can say that SMO can be termed as optimizing a blog with the help of different forms of Social Medias. We use Social Media to grow our online business by making online relationships with other people and in the same manner, we use Social Media Optimization, to rank our business high in Search Engines. In short term state, we can say that SMO is used to optimize our online blog/business with the help of Social Media.

So, shall we begin with today’s topic?

#1. How to use Facebook for SEO

Before starting discussing the strategies, I would like to tell you that we don’t use the same techniques for blog optimization through Social Networks. Explaining with an example, the name of the picture file, which you are uploading in your Facebook Status doesn’t matter at all whereas it has a lot of importance while you are uploading it on your blog.

FB Page Name


The name of your Facebook page will be the title on Search Engine rankings (that blue colored part which is hyperlinked).

facebook 1

Now, how should you name your Facebook Page?

  • Never try to add keywords in the Page title as it’ll be considered as spamming which will hurt the growth of your blog from Facebook, so instead of good search engine rankings, you’ll suffer losses.
  • Choosing the name of your online brand/business as the page title is an excellent idea.
  • Now what about keywords? Is the title of your page not describing everything? If the page title is not making any sense at all, then you can add a few words naturally which could describe it properly and would also include the keyword in it. However, this is not a case with me as the name ‘Find Web Apps’ itself describes that it is a portal where you’ll get to know about the latest apps buzzing in the technology world.

What if you have chosen a terrible name for your page and published it? Guys, if you have done such a mistake then I suggest you to change the name of your page ASAP!!

Before beginning with the optimization with Twitter, I would like to discuss some mandatory rules (earlier rules and rules nowadays) because these rules are one of the biggest parts of SMO.

Rules of SMO Earlier

1. Increase your linkability

2. Make tagging and bookmarking easy

3. Reward inbound links

4. Help your content travel

5. Encourage the mashup

6. Be a user resource, even if it doesn’t help you.

7. Reward the loyal readers and followers of your blog (by gifting online goodies).

8. Join various online conversation to notify your online presence to other people.

9. Develop a strategy to attract huge amount of readers and follow the trick always.

10. Create fresh and informative content that would automatically go viral on Social Media and Search Engines.

11. Produce real content because the online community don’t like Fake people

12. Don’t forget your roots, be humble.

13. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

14. Develop a particular SMO technique.

15. Choose your SMO tactics wisely.

16. Make SMO a part of your Optimization procedure.

17. Don’t be afraid to let go of a message, or idea and let others own it.

Rules of SMO Nowadays

1. Create – Maximize your creativity with original quality content.

2. Relate – Create relatable content, or make your content relatable.

3. Captivate – Fun and interesting content stands out from the noise.

4. Arouse – Arouse emotion; it is the one constant of all viral success!

5. Enjoy – Have Fun! All the most popular media personalities enjoy it.

6. Share – Seek shareable (quality) content; reciprocate sharing with movers.

So these are the 17 earlier rules and 5 new rules of SMO. All these rules and points surely proves that Social Media Optimization has changed to a great extent over the past few years.

Facebook Page URL

Choosing the best and the most-suitable URL for your blog’s Facebook page is also one of the biggest Facebook SMO factor. The URL should be alike the page Title and should not have a number at its end for e.g. (my blog’s Facebook URL).

You should never repeat the keyword you are applying for the page Title.

Spammy = Hub of web apps, Apps for Ios, Apps for Android, Apps for Windows, Apps by Divyansh

Non-spammy = Hub of web apps, Ios apps, Android and Windows Apps by Divyansh

Now guys, can you see the difference between both of them. In spammy, the keyword is used again and again whereas in Non-spammy, the keyword is used just once and the look more convenient and professional than the Spammy one.

#2. How to use Twitter for SEO

Getting high amount of actual tweets on a blog post is proved to be very affected for better Search rankings of Search Engines. Oher than this, what can you do to be a powerful Twitter SEO user and use it for better engine rankings?

Choose the correct Twitter name

Choosing the correct twitter name is one of the ‘MUST’ thing for SMO with Twitter. You have 15 characters to choose the name.         So you can use your name there, otherwise your brand’s name. Just check out that screenshot below stating my blog’s twitter profile. This will again help in good search results, working all alike Facebook.

twitter 1`

Publish the appropriate Twitter Bio

Guys, do you know that the Twitter Bio which you choose acts as the meta description of your profile in the search engines? And that is the reason why Twitter Bio is given so much importance while Social Media Optimization. Also, using relevant keywords in the bio will notify other people what you do, how you do and how your life goes on and on. Just check out my Twitter Bio below showing each and everything about me and also in the required characters.

twitter 2

#3. How to use LinkedIn for SEO

LinkedIn is again one of the biggest platforms for SMO. The difference of SMO from LinkedIn and from other networks is that in this, you are not performing or working for your blog to get a high rank but in this, you dominate your profile where you have your blog’s link through which you could get some clicks.

The title tag for your profile will be simply your name and you even don’t need to bother much about it. However, you should claim the best URL for your profile as here, the URL is bothered much than the Title tag. Do check out this video about LinkedIn profile URL where Alicia Cowan is discussing some tips to claim your LinkedIn URL.

Choose proper Headline and Description

Here, it functions alike Twitter. All I would like to say here is that you should use the Keyword in the Headline, description stating everything about you and the rest of your resume are going to have the biggest impact.

#4. How to use Google+ for SEO

Guys, to be honest, you just can’t use Google+ in place of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Infact, you should give Google+ the most importance because it is the own Social Network of Google and thus, we always need to keep Google+ happy.

How to Optimize your blog with Google+?

  • First and the foremost, go to and claim your ID.
  • Try to build up a strong list of followers. For this, you can ask your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and your mailing subscribers to do so. Ask them, after a week or two.
  • If you are having any issue or trouble in posting the same article on different places, then you can use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer App of schedule a post which you are sharing on FB and Twitter for Google+ also.

Google Authorship

One of the biggest impacts of Google+ on SEO is Google Authorship. Now please don’t say that you don’t know Google Authorship but it’s my duty to revise it here for the newbie bloggers that Google Authorship is the image that comes next to your article in the search engines. The picture that comes is your Google+ profile picture so, the authorship picture changes as you change your Google+ profile picture.

google 1

Now, you all might be thinking that does it matter SEO of a blog. Well, I think that it doesn’t affect rankings but it helps a ton in click-throughs, isn’t it.

Final words from the Author’s desk

So this was a precise case study on SMO. In this post, I discussed all the methods I use in my regular blogging life of better search engine rankings with the help of Social Networking Websites and I hope that you liked it. Do show your love towards FWA by commenting and sharing this post.

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