Top 5 Benefits of the Bulk Whois Lookup API

The Common Advantages Of Using Bulk Whois Lookup API

When choosing a custom domain name for your business, you need to confirm the availability of that name. You need assurance, as duplication of names may result in the compromise of your product or service. A Whois lookup can be used to check several domain names for availability. A Whois is a database that stores the domain names of registered users. Below are the top benefits of this feature.


1. Resolution of domain name ownership


You may want to get a domain name, but after doing a Whois lookup, you find out that there is a user with that name. This hindrance shouldn’t discourage you as a Whois lookup will tell you when the domain name will expire. If the domain name is about to expire, you will be given a period where you can buy or bid to get the domain. Use a bulk Whois API and get a considerable number of domain names that you can use to check for availability. This feature will save you time from making several single requests.


2. Maintain domain’s uniqueness


You brand your website to make it stand out from the rest. The most natural solution is using your company’s title as your domain name. However, it may contain complicated characters that may cause you problems. Your company’s reputation may be damaged if you end up using the same name as another website. A bulk Whois Lookup API will provide you with a list of sites with a similar domain as yours.


3. Ability to retrieve critical data on domains


Networking is essential in business. You may end up getting business partners, clients, and mentors from the relationships you make while Business Networking. Use bulk Whois Lookup API to get contacts for other registered domain users. You will get information such as a registrant’s name, their email address, the organization they are dealing with and much more. These details will assist in contacting and locating entrepreneurs with an internet presence.


4. Access to previous requests


It is always important to keep a record of your past activities. Business owners invest in software that will ensure records are kept safe for future reference. The same applies to a situation where you need to access information on domains that you had retrieved in the past. Bulk Whois Lookup API has a feature which allows you to view results of all the requests you have made. You can get records of up to a year depending on the storage plan you have purchased.

5. Track down illegal activities

A bulk Whois API can be used to track fraud. It has a verification feature which can identify a registrant who is posting illegal content. The cybersecurity personnel uses this system to investigate and restrict cybercrime.


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