Top 20 + 1 Upcoming blogging Rockstars from India in 2014

In today’s rising world of blogging, we can see many blogging stars which are becoming a pro blogger day-by-day. Although I myself cannot say that I am a pro blogger, today I am presenting the list of the top 20 rising blogging stars in the year 2014. I am making this list for 2 reasons, first to give some respect to the newbie blogging rock stars and second, to let other people know about these stars. So without wasting anymore time, let us begin with the list:



Top 20 Upcoming blogging Rockstars in 2014

#1. Abid Omar from


  1. blogbeatze says

    I’m glad to get featured here at the #2 Position bro and Its so nice to see my Friend Abid and My Chechi Payal 🙂

  2. says

    You forgot to include yourself in this list Divyansh ;).

    by the way, its nice to know these faces, however, I know some of them already.

    Good luck to all of these !!!


  3. says

    So, yeah you have forced me to say this… Do you even lift? hehe… man why your name isn’t there? Do you don’t believe in your self. Also, you have probably missed me too. I swear I will beat all of them by the end of this year. Just wait and watch. No offence to anyone because I know some of them really deserve to be here. Like Abid and Krishna they write quality stuff. I won’t take any more names cause I just don’t feel the need of it. Always expect something BIG from yourself and stop hitting your head whole seeing the success of others.

    – Vikas Kumar

    • says

      Verma, bloggers in this list are selected on the basis of the blog’s ranking, their writing quality, their monetization methods and the most important thing, their kindness towards the blogosphere.

  4. says

    Nice to see this list, it’s quite interesting seeing more people coming into the blogging sphere. Wish you guys best of luck in your blogging career. #More Vim

  5. says

    I am surprised how you defined a ‘blogging rockstar’. Shouldn’t there be non-Indian and no-science bloggers in the list too? Or it’s just a biased friend-praising?

    • says

      Hajar, it is not that I have quit playing outdoor games nd studies. I get 91% in my class nd play 2 and a half hrs daily and give all of them equal importance and thanks for liking my post.

  6. says

    Nice to see All Guys(Specially Abid) in this list. I know most of them. However, you have still missed few big names. Other than that you have done a great job.

    If ranking criteria is based on factors like”Ranking, Money Making, Post quality etc” then I hope ….you will consider my name for my blog in future………..Lolz

  7. says

    Hey Divyansh,

    I am overwhelmed to be considered by you. You are yourself champion and preparing the list of your fellow bloggers that is your generosity.

    In my six months blogging career if I am getting such acknowledgement which means a lot to me.

    Thanks for giving me pleasure to be in your list. Keep writing dear.

  8. says

    Hi Divyansh,

    You have done a very good job here by mentioning some active bloggers. yeah, they deserve to be listed here. I know most of them and their passion in blogging.

    Thanks for your list post and I hope this will inspire other bloggers as well. keep continuing your good work.

    • says

      Thanks Nirmala mam for the comment. Many people said that I have not listed your name here but the reason behind that is that you are a pro-blogger and have the respect of a pro-blogger in the blogosphere.

  9. says

    Wonderful list; they all are techie bloggers I think; there are many others from other niche and one needs to develop their list as well. What I mean is blogging is not limited to techie or money making niche. Anyways thanks for doing hard work to compile this awesome post.

  10. says

    Hey Divyansh,

    Nice to see My slef in your great list . mostly all Upcoming blogger of your list are my friend too.

    You are also rocking in blogosphere .

    ALl the best !.


  11. says

    Hey Dews….

    Thanks alot for adding me to the list 🙂
    Its an honour to find a place with such great bloggers… I still have a long way to go and learn alot 🙂

  12. says

    Hello buddies, this is an excellent list. I know and follow most of these bloggers on regular base. I am also a pro blogger and strongly working in this field from last 1 year. I hope you will review my blog and feature me in this list. 😀 😉

  13. says

    WOW, Divyansh you added a nice list of bloggers. these Bloggers are really doing great jobs and all are awesome in his work. looking forward 🙂

    thanks for sharing 🙂

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