BrowserStack – Website Tester Tool To Test Browser Compatibility

BrowserStack- Browser Testing Tool

If you are looking for a web app providing you the flair of cross browser testing and testing browser compatibility, give Browserstack a try. Browserstack is a useful online tool to test a website using different web browsers. It supports all the well known web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari.


Website tester Browserstack also includes beta versions as well as different browser versions. You can test every aspect of your website like Java, CSS, Flash and much more using Browserstack.

You can use this web app Browserstack both for your personal as well as professional use. If you are into the field of web development you better sign up for the premium plan with this web app which is quite affordable at $19 per month and if you just want to give it a try first, you can go for the free trial account providing 60 minutes of free browser testing.

However there are many different online browser testing tools available allowing you to take the screenshots of websites for testing. But just taking a screenshot would not help you comprehensively as you can can’t type, click, hover, resize any element there and neither can you test the JavaScript or any other interactive elements of your websites through screenshots.

This is where real cross browser testing app like browserstack helps the webmasters. You can test your websites in real live browsers with Browserstack.

BrowserStack is best web app for cross-browser testing with pre-installed debugging tools. The real virtual machines which you can run right in your browser to test website, including localhost!

You do not need any local setup to run Browserstack website tester, and it is one of the most powerful and easiest website testing app.

Forget clumsy mobile setups and virtual machines to test your websites and switch to most powerful website tester Browserstack.

Official website- BrowserStack



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