WhatPulse: Track Your PC’s regular activities and Internet Usage

So computer is the one with whom you spent almost half of your day and since it means a lot to you, it is necessary for you to keep a eye on the activities your PC is doing. Today, in order to track PC location, I am bringing up WhatPulse, an easy-to-use sure-shot solution to track the regular PC activities.

Track your Computer’s activities with WhatPulse

WhatPulse is a free, easy-to-use program that keeps an eye to the usage, clicks, keystrokes and your Computer’s uptime, giving you  detailed report of everything happening in your computer. The programs counts each and every mouse and keyboard button click. Also, it keeps the history of the time period you’ve worked on the computer.

whatPulse program’s files are quite light and the program gets installed in the PC within no time.

Download WhatPulse program for free now

What can you do with WhatPulse?

Below are the things WhatPulse can perform to give you the regular report of your PC’s performace:

  • Tracks your click: The WhatPulse program keeps an eye on each and everthing you click on your PC and also reports about the unplused clicks from your mouse.


  • Tracks your regular keystrokes: Other than mouse clicks, this program also helps you to see how many keystrokes you have made on what day and how many times you’ve pressed a particular key (I’ve pressed the space bar the most!). Also, it gives you an average of clicks you make everyday.


  • Tracks your computers internet usage: if you get huge internet bills and you don’t know how much and where you are occupying the internet space, then WhatPulse can come into use. As I said earlier, it tracks computer activities every now and then and it also keeps an account of your internet usage and the downloads and uploads you’ve made with it.


  • Records the statistics: The program records the statistics it has found in you PC and then passes it on to the website from where you can easily found the lifetime of your computer. Moreover, this information can be socialised among your friends and relatives.

Talking about errors and bugs, I didn’t see any kinda errors while installing, uploading or working in the program and I hope that the same will be the case for you. Along with the other ribbons, you will also find a settings ribbon in th program window which helps you to run the program on a windows startup and get notified whenever a new update is released.

Also, the settings tool will help you to overcome all the pop-ups which, obviously causes you the most disturbance.

WhatPulse download

You can download WhatPulse free program for your windows device from here.

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