Major WhastApp Update For iPhone Users, New Features Added

WhatsApp has updated again and this time it is for the iPhone users. With this major update, iPhone users can get Siri read their text messages. To make Siri work for you, you need to download the latest version of WhatsApp, also your iPhone must be running the latest iOS 10.3 operating systems to use this major update.

Major WhastApp Update For iPhone Users

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Once download and updated the latest version of WhatsApp, all you need to do is to command Siri to read your messages saying, “Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp message.”

Apart from this major update for iPhone users, there are several minor new features are added to the messaging service-

  • New icon for sending Location.
  • Attach files shifted from the top menu to chat box.
  • If you remove a contact from your Privacy Settings, the profile picture and name will be gray.
  • WhatsApp for iOS 2.17.20:  text statuses can have different colors!
  • WhatsAppp for iOS 2.17.20: New language for WhatsApp: it’s the Persian
  • WhatsApp for iOS 2.17.20The camera now remembers the last state of usage.


  1. rahul pandey says

    wow this feature is really awesome. think about I don’t need to read my massage only say siri read my massage. it’s really awesome. is this also available in android?

    rahul pandey

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