WP No Category Base- Kick Off Category From WordPress URLs

 WP No Category Base

wp no category base

Have you heard about the WordPress Plugin ‘WP No Category Base’?

Well, I just read about it and installed it immediately in my blog.

To be honest I was looking for such WordPress plugin for a long time and as I read it on my favorite blog problogger.net, I didn’t took a minute to download and install it in my blog.

If you are a blogger reading this post, you might be aware of the importance of well formed URLs in SEO.

However WordPress Permalinks option provide us an awesome control over the URLs of our blog posts. We can set the URL according to the most searched keyword from this Permalink option.

Well, in spite of this super control over setting the URL, a glitch still remains there.

Do you know which glitch I am talking about?

It’s the ‘Category’ word added to the URL of every category. Though, I am not an SEO expert but as far as I know having this word ‘category’ word in URL is not good for SEO of our blog.

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Are my words understandable?

Wait, I will make it simple-

I have many categories in my blog like – android, facebook, iOS etc.

So when I open the posts filed under ‘Facebook’ my URL is – http://www.findwebapp.com/category/facebook/ which is not good according to SEO norms. But when I installed the WP No Category Base’ plugin, my URL changed to http://www.findwebapp.com/facebook/ which I believe will give me sure benefits in SEO and also make my URL easy to remember.

wp no category base

Correct me if I am wrong!!!

Just open any category from my blog and check the URL.

As I read about the plugin WP No Category Base, I found it very useful and installed it and as always whenever I find anything useful I write a post about it to help my blogger friends.

WP No Category Base works flawlessly and gives the results exactly what we need. It removes the /Category/ from the URL of your blog category.

It is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is to Download it, install it and then activate it.

That’s it and you are done.

I am not an SEO professional and don’t know much about it.

So if you know about the SEO tactics please do correct me if I went wrong anywhere in this post about WP No Category Base. 

Please do let me know if there are any cons of using this plugin in a blog.





    • shiwangi says

      Hey Sandeep welcome to my blog. Yeah even I heard about it yesterday only and found it useful. Installed last night only lets see how the things turn up after this plugin installation. 🙂 Do visit again

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