WPSubscribers review-Best plugin to increase email subscribers

Are you all thinking of increasing the subscribers of your blog in a short time and planning to earn lakhs from Blogging? Well, Traffic is the most important thing to earn money online and if you wanna be a money-making Affiliate Marketer then you need to convert those visitors into subscribers. Dedication is the most important thing required to be a successful blogger. Have you ever thought of increasing your subscribers? If no, then you should work on it a.s.a.p. Readers, today, I am presenting WPSubscribers plugin review which is an awesome WordPress plugin which will help you to increase your Email subscribers. Email subscribers is also a type of source of traffic as all your email subscribers will get an email whenever you will publish any blog post on your website.


What is WPSubscribers?

WPSbscribers is a premium WordPress plugin which creates some awesome popups which will help you to increase your subscribers.

Why to use WPSubscribers?

It plays the key role to increase subscribers and it also helps to earn money in a very short period of time

Features offered by WpSubscribers

Code Detector

Code detector is the best part of WPSubscribers. It automatically detects Action URL, Name Field, and Email field after we add subscription code through Feedburner. This fantastic option makes our work easier.

Opt-in Forms

This plugin comes with various opt-in locations. This plugin creates small opt-in at header and footer if you think that large opt-ins irritates your readers.

Advanced Settings

WPSubscribers comes with tons of options which are in the Advanced settings. Popup delay time, Header and Footer optin delay settings, Affiliate links, Mail Chimp API Key are some features included in it.

Customizing Popups

It is quiet easy to customize popups when you are using WPSubscribers. There are option to manage images, headings, bullet points, button’s text and much more.

Fantabulous Templates

WPSubscribers comes with 12 rocking templates which are used while customizing Popups on published posts. Below are some of the templates of WPSubscribers.

Finishing Review

It is the best plugin to increase your email subscribers in a very short time. Almost 50% of your visitors will be attracted to the popup of WPSubscribers and maybe, they will be forced to subscribe to your blog. I have used this and I saw a huge increase in my traffic in just one month. The whole team of Find Web Apps highly recommends everyone to use this plugin.

How to get WPSubscribers

Well, the plugin is available in 2 plans, first one enables to use it on 3 sites and it costs $47 and the second plan is for multiple license which costs $97.



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    Premium plugins are as good as having a milky cheez inside your burger; without it you can’t find taste similarly without premium plugins you can’t find the real enjoyment of blogging. A well written review by Divyansh!

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